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Kitchen Scene Props Box 1


1 x Exploding Cake ( this is supplied without the ballons and flour to make the effect work)

1 x Tomato ketchup pot

1 x Brown Sauce Pot

1 x Dates Packet

1 x Currants Packet

1 x Raisins Packet

1 x Baked Beans Pot

2 x Small Baps (fake Bouncy)

2 x Eggs (Fake Bouncy)

1 x Chocolate Log (Fake Bouncy)

1 x Cook Book

1 x Flour Cannon (Old Calling type Funnel between rooms)

2 x Mixing Bowl

1 x Champagne Bottle

1 x Pepper Mill

1 x Washing up Bowl

1 x Rolling Pin

1 x Wooden mixing spoon

1 x Sugar Pot

1 x Pot of Flour

1 x Pini

1 x Pear

1 x Multi Tier Birthday Cake