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Here you will find items that are available for hire. The items are listed but for pricing please contact us on
If you cannot find what you are looking for dont hesitate to get in touch with us.
We work alongside other Technical and Scenic hire companys so we are not limited to items just on our website.
We mainly specialise in panto props but can supply set for pantos from the scenic hire company we deal with at a competative rate with cloth sizes of roughly 17 ft by 30ft. with perm masking flats of 14ft by 4 ft

Kitchen Scene Props Box 1


1 x Exploding Cake ( this is supplied without the ballons and flour to make the effect work)

1 x Tomato ketchup pot

1 x Brown Sauce Pot

1 x Dates Packet

1 x Currants Packet

1 x Raisins Packet

1 x Baked Beans Pot

2 x Small Baps (fake Bouncy)

2 x Eggs (Fake Bouncy)

1 x Chocolate Log (Fake Bouncy)

1 x Cook Book

1 x Flour Cannon (Old Calling type Funnel between rooms)

2 x Mixing Bowl

1 x Champagne Bottle

1 x Pepper Mill

1 x Washing up Bowl

1 x Rolling Pin

1 x Wooden mixing spoon

1 x Sugar Pot

1 x Pot of Flour

1 x Pini

1 x Pear

1 x Multi Tier Birthday Cake